Realcomp in Farmington Hills Launches Remine Predictive Analytics Tool for Real Estate Agents


Realcomp II Ltd. In Farmington Hills today announced it has officially launched Remine, an online tool that leverages big data with predictive analytics to visually flag and score which individuals are likely to sell or buy a home or condominium in the near future.

Fully integrated with Realcomp’s MLS data, Remine aggregates more than 3 billiondata points related to online consumer behavior and public records, providing real estate professionals with access to specific data sets and intelligence. This, in turn, equips Realcomp members with a helpful resource for determining whom to provide targeted marketing initiatives to most successfully.

Remine features include:

  • Intuitive heat maps with filters for visualizing properties based on: MLS activity during the last six months; last sale price; current mortgage rate; ownership time; mortgage age; zoning; and building type
  • Details on individual properties, including: address, property type, owner information, updated tax information, estimates of current value, loan balance, net equity, and more
  • Sell score, which shows the propensity of a homeowner to sell according to 6-month time ranges (0-6 months, 7-12 months, etc.)
  • The ability to track opportunities related to properties/people
  • Scoring of past clients/transactions based on their likelihood to sell/buy again
  • Properties being rented through the Airbnb website
  • Owner and occupant contact information for properties, which can be purchased

  • Additional filters (available under subscription upgrades) for visualizing properties based on: property value, home equity, flood zone, owner type, school boundaries, and neighborhood boundaries.

Realcomp has an exclusive relationship in Michigan with Remine, which is now available to all 14,700-plus MLS’s subscribers.

“We continue to identify new ways for Realcomp subscribers to connect to information more efficiently to enhance their marketing and business development efforts and client service. Remine technology will give realtors the ability to use data on a new and powerful platform to drive success,” says Karen Kage, CEO of Realcomp.

“Remine was designed as a direct response to the challenges many realtors and brokers face. We are focused on empowering agents to create efficiencies and grow their business,” says Leo Pareja, CEO of Remin. “Our partnership with Realcomp, Michigan’s largest MLS, is a critical step in helping more real estate professionals use data as an effective marketing strategy.”

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