Quicken Loans Partners with Grand Circus and CSforALL to Offer Coding Training to Detroit Students


Quicken Loans Inc. in Detroit Thursday announced a partnership with Detroit’s Grand Circus and CSforALL in a step toward ensuring 15,000 Detroit students receive computer science training over the next five years.

Grand Circus is a professional technology training institute in the Broderick Tower in Detroit, and CSforALL is an organization dedicated to making computer science literacy a central part of the K-12 educational experience. The initial funding for CSforALL came from a grant from the National Science Foundation.

“Creating jobs and opportunity is a major part of our mission in Detroit,” says Laura Grannemann, vice president of strategic investments for the Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund. “We are hyper-focused on building education programs that will prepare Detroit students today for the jobs of tomorrow. Our partnerships with Grand Circus and CSforALL are important steps toward not only training thousands of Detroit students, but also creating pathways for them to access computer science and engineering education, and ultimately high-tech jobs.”

The partnership with Grand Circus will introduce 5,000 Detroit middle and high school students to coding in June during Detroit Startup Week, a Detroit technology festival. The program, Code{D}etroit, will introduce 1,250 youth per day to coding fundamentals, including data types, conditional statements, and simple executable demands. Grand Circus will also work with Quicken Loans to secure and train volunteers who will become instructors for ongoing trainings beyond the festival.

Quicken Loans is a lead sponsor for the CSforALL Summit 2018, which will take place in October at Detroit’s Wayne State University. The summit is a call-to-action for organizations from across the country to step up in support of advancing computer science proficiency in today’s youth. Last year’s event secured commitments from more than 170 organizations to deliver computer science programming and teacher training.

Quicken Loans has supported other computer science education programs, including QSTEM, a program that provides hands-on learning in technology and coding to Detroit sixth- and eighth-grade students through a partnership with the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program. Students walk away with a computer they built.

The company also supports FIRST, an international youth organization focused on building science and technology skills that hosts the annual FIRST Robotics Championship, which was held in April in Detroit. Quicken Loans partnered with the Detroit Police Athletic League to create 20 new FIRST teams across Detroit schools.

“Quicken Loans currently has 120 open technology positions,” says Grannemann. “Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are instrumental to student development broadly, but ensuring we have the brightest minds creating disruptive technologies and solving complex issues in the future is essential for the growth of communities and companies in years to come. Careers in computer science are only expected to grow, and we are dedicated to helping students prepare to meet those needs.”

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