Pure Michigan Offers Live Virtual Tours of Mackinac Island, Detroit


Pure Michigan is offering virtual and interactive guided tours of Michigan destinations, including Mackinac Island and Detroit, among other destinations.

“This gives Pure Michigan a new way to showcase Michigan to the world and inspire and excite people from around the nation and the globe to make a trip,” says Nihal Advani, founder and CEO of Georama, the Chicago-based company working with Pure Michigan to offer the travel platform. “It’s like a preview of what it would be like to be in Michigan.”

Last week, Pure Michigan and Georama hosted the first tour. Tom Daldin, host of the PBS show, Under the Radar Michigan, hosted a four-hour tour of Mackinac Island.

“These tours allow for two-way interactivity where viewers can ask the guide questions or make suggestions in real-time and therefore get a personalized experience,” Advani says.

More than 3,000 viewers watched the tour from six different continents and 22 countries. Next month, Daldin will host a tour of Detroit, although the exact location hasn’t been announced. There will be more tours of Michigan destinations over the next few months.

To watch last week’s tour of Mackinac Island, visit Michigan.org/live/.​