Private Cloud Service Provider Launches in Southfield


CloudSAFE, a company offering private cloud service that will include 24/7 live technical support for businesses, launched today in Southfield.

“Cloud computing is an essential ingredient for reliable IT solutions that are efficient, cost effective, industry current, and easily adapted,” says Michael Butz Sr., the founder of CEO of the new company as well as Southfield-based Ultra Level Inc., an IT solution provider founded in 2001. 

Butz says CloudSAFE will operate independently of UltraLevel with dedicated employees and separate offices including one in Grand Rapids and a third center scheduled to open in the Washington, D.C. area later this year..

“We saw the opportunity to expand our business by enabling other IT solutions providers to offer premium, affordable private cloud services to their customers,” Butz says. “CloudSAFE is totally dedicated to creating and providing complete private and hybrid cloud computing solutions for customers demanding excellence in cloud computing.”

Butz says CloudSAFE will offer a secure cloud-based environment in which only the client can operate and gives clients higher security and privacy, and improved reliability. The company will offer products that take IT infrastructure out of the office and put it into a private cloud, a disaster recovery subscription service, and a firewall, among other offerings. 

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