Power Boost: Allen Park’s EcoMotors Acquires Katech


Allen Park-based EcoMotors, which develops advanced technology engines and is funded by Bill Gates and Menlo Park, Calif.-based Khosla Ventures, today acquired Katech Inc., an engine-manufacturing company in Clinton Township.

EcoMotors will use Katech, known for developing high performance engines, most notably for the Corvette Racing team, to further its research, design, and development of advanced engine technologies that improve upon the internal combustion engine.

“The purchase of Katech will significantly grow EM’s ability to bring things from design to life at a rapid pace, taking us further down the path of redefining how the world is powered,” said Amit Soman, president and COO of EcoMotors. “With this, we are adding a remarkable team with a long-standing reputation for high quality and a proven track record in the space.”

EcoMotors has appointed Tony Mannarino as CEO of Katech, which will continue its current day-to-day business operations. Former Katech CEO John F. Kayl will maintain a consulting role with the company.

“It’s great to see another Michigan company taking advantage of what we’ve built at Katech during the past 37 years,” Kayl said. “This new relationship will accelerate change in the engine industry and will allow both companies to realize their full potential.”

This announcement follows the news of EcoMotor’s more than $200-million joint venture with First Auto Works Jingye Engine Co. to develop, manufacture, sell, and service the firm’s opposed-piston opposed-cylinder engine technology — which is smaller and lighter than conventional engines, with 50 percent fewer components — in China.