Pontiac’s Deliver My Ride Launches Online Car-buying Platform


Pontiac-based Deliver My Ride, an online car buying service launched by Birmingham’s MadDog Technology, has announced the introduction of its newly enhanced platform.

The platform creates a way to buy or lease a new car online from dealer inventory, offering pre-negotiated pricing, normalized equipment terms to compare models and brands, penny-specific pricing and payments that include dealer fees and state taxes, do-it-yourself calculators to customize payments, a built-in credit application, and free home or office delivery.

“We take the haggle out of car buying, help customers save time and money, and keep customers from being bombarded with sales calls and pitches,” says Michael McInerney, president and CEO of Deliver My Ride.

“Deliver My Ride’s website does not capture lead data to sell to dealers. Instead, we built an open and free platform, so customers can shop anonymously. Our inventory is current stock on our partner dealers’ lots, and all pricing is fully disclosed and pre-negotiated to ensure a fair, competitive price.

He adds consumers today have access to multiple research options, but in the vast majority of cases, they still need to visit a dealership to actually buy a car.

“Ultimately, we keep the customer out of the dealership by providing financial alternatives on the site as well as the option of free delivery to their home or office from a knowledgeable delivery specialist,” McInerney says. “With Deliver My Ride, customers now have control of the entire car buying process.”

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