Plymouth Township Company Develops Laser Sensor for Wheel Alignments


Plymouth Township-based Perceptron Inc., a provider of non-contact 3-D measurement solutions, has developed a new product that uses a laser sensor for an automated wheel alignment measuring system.

“Vehicle wheel alignment is critical for both vehicle safety and performance,” says John McDermott, a product line manager at Perceptron. “With today’s speed and accuracy requirements, laser-based non-contact sensors are the preferred measuring technology for automatic wheel alignment systems.”

McDermott says its uses micro electro mechanical system technology to capture 3-D data, enabling highly accurate alignment calculations for different tire sizes and geometrics.

He says the WheelWorks HNCA non-contact laser sensor has a design with no moving parts and can be retrofit to older wheel designs. Its humidity resistant and can adjust its laser intensity to a wide variety of plant lighting conditions. The system is made of aluminum and weighs about four pounds.

Perceptron, founded in 1981, has operations in Brazil, France, Italy, and Singapore, among other countries. The company offers measuring solutions for the automotive, aerospace, medical, and defense industries, among others.

The WheelWorks laser sensor is distributed through wheel alignment system OEMs and is available immediately.