Plymouth Township-based Roush Performance Releases Exhaust Control for Ford Mustangs


Plymouth Township-based Roush Performance, a designer and manufacturer of aftermarket performance parts, has unveiled an exhaust control for Ford Mustangs that allows users to change the vehicle’s sound through an iPhone app.

“Drivers can select between the neighborhood-friendly touring option for quiet morning startups and switch to sport to open up when the driving becomes more spirited,” says Gary Jurick, president of Roush Performance.

The Active Exhaust makes adjustments on the valve opening and closing positions depending on the selected mode. Options include touring, which routes all exhaust gas through the mufflers to keep noise to a minimum; sport, which offers more exhaust noise at low accelerator openings and low vehicle speeds, and then closes the valves during normal city driving; track, which keeps the internal muffler bypass fully open at all times and is not street legal; and custom, which allows for unlimited tuning of unique exhaust sounds.

The Active Exhaust is available for the 2015 Mustangs outfitted with Roush Quad Tip exhaust. The unit is controlled by the company’s patent pending Apple iOS application. Drivers can view 3D graphical renderings of calibration on their iPhone or iPad as well as save multiple settings on their device.

Roush Performance is a division of Roush Enterprises, and designs, engineers, and manufacturers pre-titled vehicles, aftermarket performance parts, performance crate engines, and marine engine superchargers. 

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