Plymouth-based Supplier Launches New Software for Robotic Measuring, Gaging


Plymouth-based Perceptron has developed new fully automated dimensional inspection and gaging solutions using traditional industrial robots for both in-line and near-line applications.

“The latest Autoscan Collaborative Metrology products from Perceptron further extends our leadership position into the fast developing near-line automated measurement sector,” says Jeff Armstrong, Perceptron CEO.

Armstrong says the Collaborative Robot allows for direct operation with a production operator so the robot and operator can perform tasks simultaneously, eliminating the need for a traditional robot safety fence.

The robot has self-teach programming capabilities, so it can be quickly programmed without the need for off-line software tools. The product offers an absolute dimensional measuring system and a comparative gaging option.

The robot will also use Perceptron’s smart scanning sensor, which improves the accuracy of scanned data.

Perceptron was founded in 1981 by graduates of The General Motors Institute (now Kettering University). The company has subsidiary operations across the world, in locations such as Singapore, China, and France, among others. Perceptron also supplies products such as 3D machine vision solutions, laser scanning, and advanced analysis software to manufacturing organizations.