Plex Systems in Troy Releases App for Shop Floor and Administrative Responsibilities


Plex Systems in Troy, a company offering cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) for manufacturers, today announced the release of Plex Mobile, an app that works as an extension of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to handle shop floor and administrative responsibilities, as well as access and share information in real-time from mobile devices.

The app will be available for download through the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Marketplace in July.

“Connected people are the cornerstone of connected manufacturing, enabling people with the information they need and the ability to act on it from the shop floor across the global enterprise,” says Richard Murray, chief product officer of Plex Systems. “The power, connectivity, and affordability of new generation commodity mobile devices makes them an ideal platform for extending the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to new users in new places with new applications.”

Plex Mobile is designed for an industrial environment with simple menus and functionality made to support specific operators and responsibilities. It is designed to improve workforce efficiency and the accuracy of data capture by supporting the complete, end-to-end requirements of specific roles, jobs, and tasks within a manufacturing operation.

“With Plex Mobile, we went out onto the shop floor in direct collaboration with the workers getting things done, leveraging that experience to inform every element of the app, from functional priorities to process flow and icon design,” says Hollie Tanner, senior user experience designer of Plex Systems. “We purpose-built the new applications and functionality to be the only solution an operator needs from the start to the end of their shift.”

Initial app functionality includes shipping and receiving, inventory management, human capital management, and production management. It uses camera, audio, and barcode scanning, and can be integrated into wearable smart devices and sensors.

Plex plans to deliver monthly updates to the app.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud works with manufacturing shop floor and worker connectivity, including support for hand scanners and ruggedized commercial endpoint devices.

Plex delivers ERP and manufacturing automation to nearly 600 companies across the process and discrete industries.

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