Pentastar Aviation Collaborates on Co-Ownership Solution for Business Aircraft Owners


Waterford Township-based Pentastar Aviation and Partners in Aviation (PIA) today announced they will offer a comprehensive management program with a cost-effective solution to owning and operating a business aircraft.

The program, managed by Pentastar Aviation regionally, will utilize PIA to match two prospective owners with low to medium annual usage requirements for joint ownership and cost sharing of a new or late-model aircraft.

The program will also allow customers to have accessibility to a whole aircraft, while cutting the net cost of ownership in half, easing the burden of scheduling and maintenance, providing for autonomy in tax and title, and ensuring a seamless exit plan.

Partners in Aviation is a sensible option for aircraft owners who fly less than 200 hours per year. It allows for the purchase of an airplane to travel on their schedule at half the cost,” says Greg Schmidt, president and CEO of Pentastar Aviation. “This partnership also creates an opportunity for us to continue providing our customers with more solutions to their business travel needs.”

PIA was formed in 2016 by Mark Molloy and Tom Pertels, both veterans in business aviation sales and marketing. The pair wanted to create a way for business aircraft operators to afford newer and upgraded aircrafts, even if they were only flying 200 hours or less.

Pentastar Aviation, wholly owned by Edsel B. Ford II, provides aircraft management, advisory services, maintenance, avionics, and interior services globally. The company has been servicing regional and global travelers for more than 50 years and is headquartered at Oakland County International Airport (PTK) in Waterford Township.

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