Penske Logistics Establishes Headquarters in Mexico


Penske Logistics, a division of Penske Corp. in Bloomfield Township, said today that it has established a headquarters facility in Mexico. In turn, Michael Casidy was appointed managing director of Mexico. The headquarters will be based In Saltillo, near Monterrey. 

“Over the last several years, we have continued to experience business growth with manufacturing customers in Mexico that until now we have managed from the U.S.,” Marc Althen, president of Penske Logistics, said in a statement. “Our concentration and volume of business is now significant enough with several leading manufacturers to warrant a more-formalized and centralized leadership structure in Mexico.”

According to Althen, the company sees a significant opportunity to grow its business and to diversify the industries served in Mexico beyond the automotive sector.

In his new role, Casidy — who has worked for the company for 14 years — is responsible for leading and growing logistics business in Mexico

Penske Logistics has been operating in Mexico for 17 years and currently employs more than 1,000 people. The company serves a variety of leading manufacturers within the automotive sector.