Papa Joe’s Expands, Launches $3M in Birmingham Renovations


Papa Joe’s Gourmet Market is investing $3 million in renovations at its Birmingham location on Woodward Avenue near Webster Street, as part of its never-ending expansion plan, says Tony Curtis, founder of the grocery store that also has an outlet in Rochester Hills.

“People often ask if we are done renovating or expanding and my answer is always the same: ‘We’re never finished remodeling. We’re always doing something new and exciting to make the shopping and dining experience more enjoyable,’” Curtis says.

Curtis says the Birmingham renovations will include an outdoor decorative project featuring a back lit green screen with trumpet vines. “It’s due to be finished soon and will look fantastic,” he says.

The company, which employees 50 people,  has also received approval for two locations at Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s Delta Terminal, scheduled to open by Thanksgiving, and is developing plans for possible stores in Detroit’s First National building and the Renaissance Center.

The additions follow the recent opening of a 1,200-square-foot store at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, and a fine dining restaurant, called Bistro Joe’s, inside Papa Joe’s in Birmingham.

“It’s been a happening place, especially for the after work crowd and weekend traffic, since we opened one year ago,” Curtis says.