Orthopedic Alliance Expands as New Medicare Payment Program Begins


TRIARQ Health, headquartered in Troy, is expanding its physician-owned and led bundled payment partnership, The Alliance, to include Ohio, Florida, Alabama, and Texas.

“Health care is realigning in a way that maximizes the value of care,” says TRIARQ Health vice president of value-based services, Sabrina Dobbins. “By creating and building episodic care teams led by the physicians, and implementing incentives around quality, bundled payment programs, like BPCI-Advanced, will help us all achieve better outcomes across the board.”

Dobbins says The Alliance, formed last year, is using these bundles to offer better outcomes and patient experiences. As the result of recent changes in healthcare and health insurance, The Alliance is bringing together many leading orthopedic surgeons to set a new standard of care.

With the introduction of Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid, TRIARQ Health has taken The Alliance nationwide to help physicians get involved in the CMS program. BPCI-Advanced marks the third-generation of a bundled payment initiative that has existed under two different presidential administrations and will continue until at least 2025.

“We believe that the best outcomes are always achieved when the physician is in the driver’s seat,” says TRIARQ Health CEO Mike Sappington. “That is why our Alliance is physician-owned and physician-led. We are completely aligned with the patient and doctor’s interest in delivering high-value care and great outcomes.”

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