Ordering Lunch with Co-Workers Just Got Easier


A savvy Internet entrepreneur has streamlined the often difficult task of ordering multiple takeout lunches in downtown Detroit with co-workers.

Travis Johnson, co-founder and CEO of foodjunky, makes ordering and delivery simple by enabling group orders through his company’s online food ordering platform. Foodjunky launched the service in downtown Detroit in August with more than two dozen restaurants.

“That’s awesome,” says Sonal Patel of CBS Outdoor, whose offices are in the New Center area. 

Patel says that she’s usually the person in her office that circulates menus and handles ordering. She doesn’t have a problem with that, but she’d welcome anything that would make the task easier.

Here’s how it works: Foodjunky collects emails from would-be diners, then fans out menus to those addresses. Hungry folks place their orders and pay with a credit card, and foodjunky takes care of pickup and delivery. If some people want Thai and others want deli takeout, foodjunky processes the two orders separately.

Our goal is to turn group ordering into a pleasant and enjoyable experience for both our customers and the restaurants in our network,” Johnson says. “It’s an undertaking to collect food orders for a large group, (and) at the same time it’s challenging for restaurants to take the orders over the phone — often resulting in errors. Johnson says the service is also perfect for group ordering for business meetings.

“Foodjunky uses technology to simplify the group food ordering process, making the process more efficient for restaurants and consumers alike while making sure everyone gets exactly what they ordered,” he adds.

Foodjunky is part of Bizdom U, a nonprofit entrepreneurship accelerator for digital startups in Detroit.

Now, if foodjunky could only solve the problem of keeping the office refrigerator clean.

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