Online Financial Services Company Expands to Detroit


Jet Capital, an online financial services provider based in Dallas, is expanding its small business funding services to the Detroit area. The company’s entry into the market is part of the latest phase of its national rollout.

The company’s online services include access to resources — marketing tips, HR regulations, etc. — while providing short-term working capital advances to small businesses.

Partnering with companies such as Experian, TransUnion, LexisNexis, FactorTrust, and Plaid to collect data, Jet Capital uses a proprietary technology and analytics-driven platform to quickly analyze and evaluate applications for loans.

“Michigan (is) among the top states in terms of demand for alternative funding for small businesses based on recent Federal Reserve Small Business studies, U.S. Census data, and other sources,” says Randy Hernandez, chief marketing officer for Jet Capital. “…(Detroit) seems to be attracting more business investment and resurgence in small businesses, from startups to resurgence in existing businesses, so it’s a great place to see if Jet Capital can help on the funding front.”

He says when the company’s national rollout is complete, Jet Capital will be able to offer small business funding to businesses throughout Michigan, as well as the nation.

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