Novi Company Offers No Tool Water Heater Connectors


Novi-based BrassCraft Manufacturing, a Masco company, has launched new polymer braid and stainless steel water heater connectors that lock together without the need for tools.

“With all of our products, we think about how we can make the plumbing professionals job easier and more efficient,” says Audrey Lang, product manager of BrassCraft Manufacturing. “These Push Connect water heater connectors are a great example of this philosophy.”

Lang says the polymer braid connector’s design helps reduce kinking or crimping. She says it’s designed to resist corrosion from most household cleaning products. The stainless steel connectors offer corrosion resistance from most harsh chemicals that cause pin hole leaks.

Both products are compatible with copper, PEX, and CPVC connections. Lang says no soldering or glue is needed for installation. She says a pre-inserted tube stiffener aligns with the connector tubing to produce a long-lasting and watertight seal.

BrassCraft Manufacturing, founded in 1946, also manufactures gas supplies, fittings, drain cleaning tools, and tools for faucet repairs.