Novi-based Maxion Wheels, ThyssenKrupp to Make Lightweight Wheels for Luxury, Sports Cars


Novi-based Maxion Wheels and ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components have entered into an agreement to develop and market new lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber hybrid wheels for OEMs.

"With carbon fiber-aluminum hybrid wheels we offer a unique option to our customers in the luxury and sports car segment to differentiate themselves through technology and design," says Dr. Jens Werner, managing director for ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components.

The technology could generate a weight savings of up to 40 percent when compared to high performance forged aluminum wheels. The hybrid wheels are based on ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components' carbon fiber hybrid wheels developments. Maxion brings its liquid-forged aluminum discs to the cooperation, "which offers comparable material properties as traditionally forged wheels at lower cost and at the full design flexibility of casted wheels." Testing took place at the Maxion Wheels test labs.

"The aluminum/carbon fiber hybrid wheels we develop through our cooperation with ThyssenKrupp will fill an important niche in the ultra-lightweight vehicle market," says Kai Kronenberg, vice president of business development and global innovation for Maxion Wheels. 

Maxion Wheels produces wheels for passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial trucks and trailers. The company has about 10,000 employees globally. ThyssenKrupp, a diversified industrial group, has 155,000 employees in about 80 countries.​