Northville’s Mitsubishi Electric Unveils In-Vehicle Infotainment/Active Noise Control System


Northville-based Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc. has launched a new line of in-vehicle infotainment systems with three screens and a combination of touchscreen and swipe technology.

Called FLEXConnect.IVI, the system features a 12-inch in-dash vehicle display built on an Android platform. The center touchscreen has navigation, media, and climate options, and allows drivers to display the options all at once or individually, with full-screen, half-screen, and one-third screen display options.

“FLEXConnect.IVI builds on flexible, extensible architecture allowing users to easily share content between passenger entertainment systems and outside devices such as tablets or phones,” says Gareth Williams, for Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America.

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, the U.S. affiliate of Mitsubishi Electric Co., was established in 1979 to serve the North American automotive, heavy-duty truck, and coach business. Mitsubishi has 50 locations throughout North America with about 3,600 employees.

IN RELATED NEWS, Mitsubishi Electric also unveiled an active noise control system that minimizes engine and road noise.

“FLEXConnect.ANC provides drivers and passengers a quieter environment, enabling them to hear phone calls, music, and navigation commands by minimizing outside interference,” says Doug Ray, director of sales, quality, and engineering for Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America.

Ray says the system uses audio processing techniques to deliver faster convergence than standard options, “adapting rapidly to varying noises from changing road conditions.” He says the electronic noise cancellation software also allows automakers to reduce cost by allowing them to remove heavy, noise-dampening materials.