Northville Mental Health Startup Unveils Interactive Crisis Tool


Northville-based Therapy Live, a multiengagement mental health platform startup, has released a new interactive map tool that assists therapists and clients with locating crisis resource centers.

“Today’s new feature that has been unlocked will enable clinicians, friends, family members, and individuals that are in crisis to locate local crisis centers and resources with a click of a mouse or the tap of their finger,” says Ryan G. Beale, founder of Therapy Live.

The Therapy Live staff recently returned from the launch of their platform at the American Psychological Association convention in Denver, Colo. In less than 30 days, Beale says the platform has launched several new tools, new initiatives, and has started attracting clinicians throughout the country.

Founded in October 2015, Therapy Live is designed for therapists who want to expand their reach and for clients who want to engage in mental wellness at the level with which they are most comfortable. Therapists who sign up with the platform can create a profile viewable by potential clients that contains contact information, personal accomplishments and writings, videos, and more.

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