Northville-based Gentherm Develops Mattress with Heating, Cooling Options


Northville-based Gentherm, a developer of thermal management technologies, and Houston-based Mattress Firm, a specialty-bedding retailer, today announced the launch of the Atmos mattress, which provides both heating and cooling options.

“The Atmos mattress allows people to customize their sleep experiences based on individual temperature and comfort needs,” says Steve Stagner, CEO of Mattress Firm.

The mattress is controlled by a wireless remote control, with options to heat and cool each side of the bed independently. The mattress has foam springs and is topped with a foam that’s “a highly responsive material” and adapts to the user’s body.

“Atmos has been engineered to demonstrate the range of individual control and comfort levels that we can achieve in our products,” says Daniel Coker, president and CEO of Gentherm. “We believe our technology has broad potential with applications in a variety of industries, and the Atmos mattress is a prime example of this.”  

Gentherm develops products for the automotive industry, including heated and cooled seat systems and cup holders, thermal storage bins, along with heated seats, steering wheels, and armrests. Gentherm has more than 8,300 employees in facilities across the United States, Germany, Mexico, and Japan, among other countries.

The mattress will be sold in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Orlando by July, with additional regions to be added in the coming months.