Nexteer Automotive in Auburn Hills Unveils Hands-free Steering Technology for Autonomous, Mixed Mode Driving


Auburn Hills-Based Nexteer Automotive has announced the expansion of its advanced steering technology suite during a presentation at the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) at Detroit’s Cobo Center. The technology suite offers a unique combination of steering innovations to address the evolving role of semi and fully autonomous driving.

The offerings include a Steering on Demand System which transitions steering control between manual and automated driving in vehicles capably of Level 3 and beyond automated driving, Quiet Wheel Steering, which eliminates potential distractions and hazards during hands-off driving, and a stowable steering column, which retracts when automated driving is engaged to give the driver more control and options when transitioning between manual and automated driving.

Steer-By-Wire, in turn, replaces the mechanical connection between the road wheels and steering wheel, meaning the steering wheel doesn’t move while the wheels of the vehicle are turning. The systems create the possibility for additional advanced safety features like vehicle light weighting, packaging flexibility, and enhanced maneuverability.

“While these industry-leading innovations can each stand on their own merit, the real game-changer is the combination of technologies in a single suite of technologies,” says Jeff Zuraski, Nexteer’s executive director of research and development.

Additionally, Nextweer’s high availability electric power steering safety-net feature is always on for reliable operational efficiency, while multi-layer cybersecurity technologies have been integrated at a steering system level for maximum protection. As part of the platform, authorizing information and command flow between the steering system and other in-vehicle or external controllers.

More information about Nexteer’s autonomous driving technology can be found here.

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