Nexteer Automotive in Auburn Hills Provides Advanced Cyber Security for Steering Systems


As vehicles become increasingly connected, Auburn Hills-based Nexteer Automotive, a global intuitive motion control company, today announced additional steering systems offerings with cyber security technologies to protect against malicious intrusions and unverified steering commands.

The cyber security technologies consist of specifically designed hardware modules on the semi-conductor level, as well as a multi-layered Cryptographic Software structure that identifies and authorizes information and command flow between the steering system and other in-vehicle or external controllers.

“As we provide the most secure steering systems for today’s vehicles, we must also prepare for technologies that will be widely available within the next decade,” says Frank Lubischer, senior vice president of global engineering, CTO, and chief strategy officer at Nexteer Automotive.

“As a safety-critical system, the security of our steering technologies is a top priority. While our OEM partners incorporate cyber security at the vehicle level, we are taking safety to the next step by integrating multi-layer cyber security at a system level for maximum protection.”

Nexteer’s security technologies also enables the company’s latest automated driving product offerings — Steering on Demand and Quiet Wheel Steering. Both platforms utilize Nexteer steer-by-wire technology, which eliminates the mechanical link between the road wheels and steering wheel.

Steering on Demand enables the transition between driver and automated driving control, while also providing a sport, comfort, and manual override modes for a custom driving experience. Quiet Wheel Steering eliminates steering wheel rotation when a vehicle completes an automated directional change.

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