Next-Generation Cadillac Debuts High-Tech User Experience System in CTS


Detroit-based luxury automaker Cadillac today announced its next-generation user experience system, which debuts in the Cadillac CTS. The technology will be available in the 2017 interim model year and will arrive at U.S. dealerships during the first quarter. The automotive company plans to include the system in XTS and ATS sedans with the start of 2018 model year production, while Cadillac’s other product lines are scheduled to adopt the system in future model years.

The next-generation Cadillac user experience is a platform that can be adjusted over time to meet a customer’s evolving connectivity needs, leveraging the cloud to enable personalization, available connected navigation, and applications via the collection app store. The system provides customers with easier access to the most common features. The operation includes a summary view in which all key applications — climate, audio, phone, and navigation — are displayed on one screen.

“Cadillac pioneered connectivity by bringing OnStar to market, and more recently we became the first luxury brand to enable Apple CarPlay and Android Auto across our product line,” says Richard Breckus, global product strategy director of Cadillac. “We have worked to improve overall system response in recent years, and now this next-generation user experience system delivers more improvements, focused mainly on intuitive control.”

Drivers can create an individual account with personalized preferences for the Cadillac user experience. Vehicle owners can manage their “my driver” preferences in the vehicle or via their myCadillac owner center on the automaker’s website. Features such as vehicle and display setting, contact favorites, navigation route preferences, and recent destinations can be customized and follow a user’s profile.

The user experience also features a new navigation app with an intuitive interface and access to destination information via available cloud-based services, as well as updated points of interest, live traffic information, fuel prices, and parking information.

Through input methods such as enhanced voice recognition and an improved onscreen search function, users have access to more relevant search results. Over time, the opt-in subscription-based system can learn a user’s preferred routes and destinations and offer suggestions based upon traffic and frequent destinations. New Cadillac user experience equipped vehicles currently come standard with an available, opt-in 12-month connected navigation trial.

The system’s built-in OnStar 4G LTE enables an active connection to the vehicle that, with customer consent, will allow Cadillac to remotely update features such as navigation and the newly launched collection app store, after vehicle purchase.

The available 4GLTE Wi-Fi hotspot also allows passengers to connect up to seven compatible mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets to high-speed wireless Internet. The system supports the use of two compatible phones concurrently via Bluetooth.

Every new Cadillac currently comes standard with an available 12-month OnStar subscription at no additional cost. The connectivity plan features OnStar Smart Driver, an opt-in service designed to help owners maximize their vehicle’s overall performance, reduce wear and tear, monitor fuel efficiency, and improve their driving.

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