New Wireless Oven Allows Smartphones to Control Functions


Benton Harbor-based Jenn Air today has unveiled its first wall oven with wireless connectivity — allowing customers to use smartphones to control the oven’s functions.

“We’ve incorporated diagnostics and a range of other highly intuitive functions that will encourage users to explore and control the oven’s advanced features and performance right at the touch of their fingertips,” says Brian Maynard, Jenn-Air marketing director.

The app will allow users to access a culinary center, with guidance for more than 30 food options, as well as settings that allow users to save their favorite recipes.

Jenn Air’s oven has a 7-inch LCD touchscreen interface. The convection oven offers baking on all three racks simultaneously. It also has a “no preheat” function, which allows cooking on one rack without having to preheat the over or extend the cooking time.

General Electric also offers an oven with wireless connectivity that was unveiled last year — prices range from about $2,55 to $4,000.

The price for Jenn Air’s oven has not been released. The oven will be available in September.

IN RELATED NEWS, Jenn Air has introduced a 30-inch range with downdraft ventilation that also features a duct-free range installation, which allows for easier installation.

Downdraft ventilation is on the cooktop, rather than above it. This helps to whisk away smoke and steam and eliminates the need for overhead ventilation.

This model will be available in May.

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