New Technology to Reduce Time Truckers Spend Searching for Parking


A Detroit-based company that helps truckers find parking spaces has added a new service that will could shorten the search time by as much as 50 percent, saving businesses billions of dollars each year.

The intelligent transportation system for Truck Smart Parking Services Inc., was created in partnership with eX2 Technology LLC, a Nebraska-based company offering design and installation services for broadband networks and transportation systems.

“The commercial transportation industry is ever changing and, while the parking challenges facing professional drivers continue to escalate, we are now one step closer to solving this on an enterprise-wide scale,” says Jim Kawamoto, president of eX2 Technology.

Kawamoto says according to industry statistics, professional truck drivers spend an average of 30 to 60 minutes at the end of each work shift searching for parking, costing businesses billions of dollars each year.

Kawamoto says the service will reduce the amount of time truckers search for parking, improve mobility and safety on the national highway network, and increase the efficiency of truck fleets, while reducing vehicle emissions.

“The eX2 partnership allows us to now offer a complete turnkey solution for all stakeholders to address this critical problem,” says Rick Warner, CEO of Truck Smart Parking Services.

Truck Smart Parking Services offers parking reservations, high-security parking reservations to protect valuable cargo, and lot management services to customers in the public and private sectors of the transportation industry.