New Organization Aims to Accelerate Development of Forensic Science Technology


The Lansing-based Forensic Foundations Group, which publishes the quarterly Crime Lab Report, has launched a new membership organization that aims to better connect forensic science laboratories and the professionals who use their resulting technologies and products.

“It’s a very tough market,” says John Collins, founder of the organization and executive director for the Forensic Science Chamber of Commerce. “Crime labs don’t have a lot of money which means that money spent on marketing is money not spent on research and development. We can fix that.”

The services go beyond simple advertising, says Collins, noting that the organization provides a connection where procurement professionals can advise those on the development side about where they should be investing their research and development efforts.

With approximately 400 accredited forensic science laboratories operating in the United States, Collins hopes to bring on 100 companies into the chamber within the next three years.

Since launching in January, the organization has received five applications from what Collins refers to as “major players in the forensic science business community,” and is currently assembling a board of governors and a laboratory advisory committee.

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