New Football Helmet from Detroit’s Xenith Debuts at World Bowl


When the top high school football players from around the globe step onto the Azul Stadium field in Mexico City for the Pro Football Hall of Fame World Bowl on Dec. 22 they will be equipped with the latest helmet from Detroit-based Xenith LLC.

Xenith says the Xenith Shadow is the game’s most advanced football helmet, offering athletes the desired protection, fit, feel, comfort, and price.

“We designed the Xenith Shadow for the athlete from the ground up,” says Ryan Sullivan, Xenith’s CEO. “We listened to thousands of players and coaches to learn what they want and need in a helmet, and then created the most advanced helmet in the game at an accessible price.”

Sullivan says the Xenith Shadow is rigorously engineered and tested for the athlete and is an evolution of the company’s current patented helmet technology. He says its streamlined design improves fit and protection while increasing comfort and minimizing distractions. Combining an enhanced shock arrangement with an industry-first, polymer shell, it absorbs energy, and protects the athlete from a variety of impacts on the field.

The Xenith design team reportedly analyzed hundreds of hours of on-field, in-game feedback sessions about helmet performance, and combined the findings with lab data, computer simulations, and materials science to create the Xenith Shadow’s design.

“We believe the most successful designs solve for both the athlete’s functional and emotional needs by providing them with a superior level of protection and performance,” says Grant C. Goulet, vice president of product innovation at Xenith. “The Xenith Shadow helps instill a deep sense of confidence that allows athletes to perform at their highest level.”

Xenith, which was founded in 2006 to improve football protective equipment, says it is talking to NFL clubs and major collegiate programs to add Xenith Shadow helmets for the 2019 season.