New Documentary to Explore Detroit from View of Startups, Small Business Owners


A new documentary about entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners' role in the revitalization of Detroit, called Restarting The Motor City, will begin filming this fall.

"Everyone has heard the story about the Detroit of decay, the Detroit of blight," says Melissa Dowler, the director of the film. "I see something else — the Detroit of possibility. We're going to tell the story of the entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators who are rebuilding the city on new principles: diversity, sharing, personal connection, and positive change."

Boston-based Long Haul Films will produce the film, lead by directing partners Melissa and Tom Dowler. The film will be shot by the company along with a local Detroit crew. The soundtrack will feature music from up-and-coming local artists, composers, and musicians.

Melissa says the documentary will present an optimistic view of Detroit's future, but will also address current issues residents and businesses face. The filmmakers are working in collaboration with Ted Serbinski, managing director of the accelerator Techstars in Detroit. The organization will show a trailer of the documentary this afternoon during its Demo Days event at The Fillmore in downtown Detroit. 

She expects filming will continue through late 2016, with the hope it will air at film festivals in early 2017.​