New Cybersecurity Platform From CloudFace in Northville Township Prevents Hacking


CloudFace, a multi-faceted IT company in Northville Township, has launched a next generation security solution that it says can block 99.9 percent of internet-based viruses, malware, ransomware, and other types of attacks in real-time. In addition to working in the health care sector, the company is now entering the automotive space to prevent hackers from taking control of a vehicle.

CloudFace says its next generation security combined with a cloud-based security monitoring service protects the entire vehicle. The company’s proprietary software uses multi-dimensional data and behavioral analytics to detect something unusual and upon realizing a point of differentiation, the system immediately stops the intrusion.

The CloudFace solution (Security as a Service SECaaS) is designed to be licensed for enterprise, corporate, and government clients and can be fully functional in 60 days following contract initiation. The SECaaS approach to cybersecurity is a blend of proprietary software and hardware solutions, and represents a significant leap for the advanced cybersecurity environment.

“We have achieved a major breakthrough in preventing the hacking of computer systems, whether in health care, automotive, retail, or other business sectors,” says Phil Abraham, co-founder, co-chairman, and CTO of CloudFace. “We are now licensing our software to existing vehicle suppliers, cybersecurity firms, and telecom companies that are looking for better solutions for connected cars.”

Abraham says a hacker who takes over the computer systems of a car or a truck, or a group of vehicles, on a major freeway at rush hour could suddenly cause the pirated vehicles to swerve and crash, causing significant harm. Vehicles today have over 100 million lines of code across all electronic components, and are a major construct of vulnerability, he adds.

“Under current internet topography and configurations, hackers can enter the manufacturer and then enter the automobile, or, the intrusion can come through an automotive supplier then into the automotive vehicle,” Abraham says. “Other possible intrusions could enter through supply chains, as well. CloudFace addresses all of these areas.

“Today ransomware is everywhere, mutating to gain an advantage and scorching businesses. It’s not “if” but “when” ransomware goes after connected vehicles. The numbers are staggering: Since 2014 over half the vehicles sold were connected, and consequently, this means these vehicles are connected via an internal network. The percentage continues to grow to a targeted 80 percent-plus connected vehicles by 2020.”

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