New Automated Passport Kiosks Reduce Wait Time at Metro Airport


International passengers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport are experiencing reduced wait times thanks to the recent installation of 30 automated passport control kiosks in the McNamara Terminal, where the main carrier is Delta Air Lines.

The airport purchased the kiosks for approximately $2 million and installed them in June. Now it plans to set up more kiosks in the North Terminal later this year.

“These new APC machines help maintain the safety and security of our airport while improving efficiency,” says Tom Naughton, CEO of the Wayne County Airport Authority. “With international passenger traffic increasing 23 percent the last five years at DTW, it is important that we stay ahead of the curve.”

The kiosks — which allow passengers to submit a standard customs declaration form electronically, scan their passports, and answer flight and biographic information — have led to a 25 percent to 40 percent decrease in wait time for passengers, say airport officials.

Developed and first implemented at the Vancouver International Airport, the system frees up more time for Customs and Border Protection officers to focus on identity verification, admissibility, and questioning.

“It is imperative that any technological improvements utilized by CBP advance our dual role of protecting the American people and facilitating legitimate travelers,” says Devin Chamberlain, CBP area port director for the airport. “The APC program moves legitimate travelers more seamlessly, and concurrently allows our officers to concentrate on document verification and enforcement.”