New App Rewards Customers for Walking, Shopping


Royal Oak-based Marvel Apps has developed and released a new app that allows users to receive immediate, relevant offers from Carrot-registered businesses and restaurants, while also earning bonus points for being active.

Approximately 200 businesses, including 170 in Michigan, are onboard with Carrot, which has had locater beacons installed at each location. Using Bluetooth technology, the beacons transmit information to iPhones and iPods that are within 200 feet of a beacon (via the Marvel app).

Using Apple’s HealthKit feature, the app also rewards users with redeemable points for the number of steps they take, miles they bike, and participating businesses they visit.

“As a consumer engagement tool, Carrot is a game-changer — there’s nothing else like it,” says Michael Antaran, president of Marvel Apps. “People want to save money, and people want to live healthier. Carrot helps people do both. They receive immediate, relevant offers from participating businesses, and they’re also rewarded — financially — for doing things like walking, bicycling, and shopping.”

The company is working with merchants to determine what kind of rewards will be offered, which are expected to be rolled out starting Jan. 1. Examples may include free oil changes, free day passes, or admission discounts.

“It’s completely unobtrusive, and you’ll never receive more than one message at a time,” Antaran adds. “Most importantly, your privacy is completely protected  — we needed to demonstrate that to both Apple and Facebook before we received their approval.”

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