Neptune in Ann Arbor Partners With Goldfinch Bio Partners to Find Kidney Disease Treatment


Neptune, a medical network dedicated to understanding and advancing treatment of kidney disorders in Ann Arbor, has announced a collaboration with Goldfinch Bio, a company focused on discovering and developing precision therapies to treat patients with kidney disease. Neptune and Goldfinch will generate and analyze data to be paired with clinical records to gain insight into advanced kidney disease treatment.

“We are delighted to partner with Neptune and establish Goldfinch’s federated patient registry as we pioneer new treatments for kidney disease,” says Abbie Celniker, Goldfinch’s interim CEO. “Generation of these rich genomic and transcriptomic datasets, through our collaboration with Neptune, will enable us to elucidate new disease mechanisms, therapeutic targets, and biomarkers of kidney disease progression, with a shared goal of delivering new medicines to patients.”

Goldfinch Bio is building the largest genomic registry of patients with kidney disease, which will assist in bringing precision medicines to patients through analyzing targets, pathways, and biomarkers.

“This collaboration represents a significant step forward for the nephrology community, as we now have a unique opportunity to generate and act on new insights to discover and develop new treatment options for patients,” says Matthias Kretzler of Neptune. “We are delighted to work with Goldfinch to expand our knowledge of patients with nephrotic syndrome for the renal research community, and look forward to our partnership and shared commitment to bring precision medicines to patients with kidney disease.”

The collaborative data will be available to the public through the National Institutes of Health data sharing resources.