Need for Speed: AT&T Invests $625M in Detroit-Warren-Dearborn


AT&T has invested $1.7 billion in Michigan over the last three years, with more than a third — or $625 million — spent boosting the provider’s speed, reliability, coverage, and performance in the Detroit, Warren, and Dearborn areas.

Last year, the company made 63 network updates in Detroit, including new cell sites, additional wireless and wired network capacity, and new broadband connections. It also expanded its reach by providing fiber-optic connections, which carry more bandwidth than traditional lines, to 4,197 businesses at 174 multi-tenant office buildings and business parks.

“It’s a good impact,” says Teresa Mask, a spokeswoman for AT&T. “We are able to provide better speed and coverage for the businesses in Detroit.”

AT&T’s investment is its third largest in the Midwest, followed by Missouri at $2.6 billion and Indiana at $1.8 billion. However, in Indiana’s two largest cities, AT&T invested $375 million in Indianapolis and $30 million in the Ft. Wayne area.

The company will be releasing figures for other Michigan cities, including Grand Rapids, Flint, and Lansing, shortly, Mask says.

In other news, Verizon Wireless announced the company invested $160 million in Michigan last year. The company said it is adding more than 100 positions in retail and business sales, finance, network service, and customer service/client care within the state.