National Speed-coaching Event for Food, Beverage Entrepreneurs Comes to Detroit


Boston-based Samuel Adams Brewery will host a speed-coaching event in Detroit next month to offer ideas and strategies for food and beverage business owners on how to grow their companies.

“The craft food and beverage community is really growing and thriving in Detroit, which is why we’re excited to bring our Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Speed Coaching to the area,” says Jennifer Glanville, head brewer at Samuel Adams. “Our goal is to provide the nuts-and-bolts business advice  — how to setup a payroll, negotiate a lease, or price a product — that’s often the difference between success and failure, yet is so often very hard to find.”

Glanville says at the free event, each entrepreneur can participate in up to six, 20-minute coaching sessions focused on topics such as sales, distribution, packaging, finance, and e-commerce.

The event, to held at the Build Institute, located at 2701 Bagley Ave., in southwest Detroit on April 13, is part of Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream, a program offering business advice and loans. Brewing the American Dream, founded in 2008, has partnered with Accion to lend more than $9.6 million in microloans to nearly 885 businesses. Speed-coaching events have been held at cities across the country, including Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Boston.

To register for the free event, click here.