NarxCare Provides Real-Time Data Analysis Used to Combat Opioid Epidemic in Michigan 


The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has announced that the Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) is now equipped with Appriss Health’s NarxCare system, a data analysis solution designed to improve patient care and battle Michigan’s opioid epidemic. As of Dec. 2017, health care professionals can access NarxCAre within the Appriss Health PMP AWARxE platform to analyze MAPS data and provide interactive data visualizations of usage patterns to identify potential risk factors.

NarxCAre is a comprehensive substance use disorder platform that utilizes two years of historical data from pharmacies and providers, including for risk assessment and patient support. The platform also provides tools and resources to enable prescribers, dispensers, and care teams to help patients at the point of care and connect them to treatment when necessary.

“The addition of NarxCare to MAPS strengthens our prevention efforts in addressing the opioid epidemic in Michigan,” says Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley. “NarxCare gives prescribers and dispensers a more robust way to better identify potential abuse of opioids and substance use disorders.”

In Dec. 2017, Calley signed Senate Bills 166 and 167, requiring prescribers to check patients’ prescription history in MAPS prior to administering controlled substance. The bills are now Public Acts 248 and 249 of 2017.

NarxCare also uses patient data to create predictive risk scores, graph individual prescription trends, and translate patient behaviors into red flags.

“NarxCare’s intricate scorecard and analysis tools will help inform clinical decisions about patients who are at-risk to abuse harmful and addictive controlled substances,” says Kim Gaedeke, acting deputy director of LARA. “This system uniquely presents a wealth of patient data that can be leveraged to customize individual treatments and referrals.”

More information about MAPS and NarxCare can be found here.

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