Muskegon Company Develops LED Light for Industrial Uses


EarthTronics, a Muskegon-based developer of energy efficient lighting products, has introduced a new LED light that replaces fluorescent lamps in high bay warehouses and industrial fixtures.

“Because (the LED light) works directly on the program start electronic ballast used in all of this fixture type, it creates a huge opportunity for energy savings within warehouse and industrial facilities,” says Kevin Youngquist, executive vice president at EarthTronics. “With over 50 percent energy savings available, this lamp will have a return on investment of 18 months or less.”

Youngquist says the new LED light, called the Type A direct install T5 LED linear tube,  has a 50,000-hour rated life, offering more than 50 percent energy savings. He says the new lamp uses 25 watts and produces 3,200 lumens for 146 lumen per watt performance.

In addition, the T5 LED linear tube features EarthTronics’ glass tube construction, which offers a cooling system to support high lumen maintenance for a long performance life.

Yougquist says the lamp may be accepted for utility rebates.

EarthTronics, founded in 2007, offers a variety of energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as decorative and display lights, downlights, and general area lighting.​