Multi-room Escape Game Opens in Westland


A live-action game in which participants have 45 minutes to escape a series of rooms by solving puzzles has opened in Westland, called HUSH Escape Experience.

“We let up to eight people in each time and you have 45 minutes to work your way through a series of puzzles and games to break your way out of the room,” says Cody Bailey, owner of HUSH Escape Experience, Skateland West, and the HUSH Haunted Thrill Park, where the room is located.

HUSH Escape Experience, located at 37550 Cherry Hill Rd., launched with one game, called Escape Block-X. Bailey says the game’s premise is that a madman haunts a former prison — which has been converted into a nightclub — and players must “work their way through his prison trying to escape before they’re stuck down there forever.”

He says visitors will progress through a series of seven rooms to get out, unlike most escape room experiences, which consist of a single room. The game can be used as a team-building exercise for businesses, schools, and organizations.

Bailey plans to add on more rooms, and is also in the process of expanding the HUSH Haunted Thrill Park.

Tickets for HUSH Escape Experience cost $28 per person.