MMS Holdings in Canton Township Assists Non-Opioid Pain Killer Get FDA Fast Track Designation


MMS Holdings Inc. (MMS) in Canton Township today reported that it has successfully assisted Korea-based Vivozon Inc. in achieving a Fast Track Designation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for VVZ-149, a non-opioid pain killer.

“Given the global opioid crisis, meaningful alternatives are needed for patients who require effective pain relief, and we are honored to assist Vivozon in bringing this non-opioid pain killer one step closer to development and market availability,” says Uma Sharma, chief scientific officer at MMS.

According to MMS, which specializes in the field, it supported Vivozon in regulatory strategy, medical writing, project management, and quality control across several regulatory and clinical documents.

In addition to its pain-suppressing qualities, VVZ-149 also has shown anti-itch properties in testing.