Midtown Concierge Rolls Out The Red Carpet in Detroit


East Lansing-based Balance Concierge is breaking into the metro Detroit market with the launch of a concierge service that works with Midtown and Detroit businesses to provide goods and services to employees at Henry Ford Health System.

Midtown Concierge — piloted at Henry Ford Hospital, with the hope of rolling it out to other Henry Ford Health System facilities in Detroit — allows employees to facilitate errands including oil changes and making dinner plans, all without leaving work.

“Health care workers work in an environment that is 24/7, 365 days a year,” says Judy L. Foley, president and CEO of Balance Concierge. “It’s a wonderful benefit for them because they do need a lot of help managing their work life balance.”

Henry Ford Hospital employees may visit the Midtown Concierge office located in the hospital, or call, email, or submit an online request through a custom Midtown Concierge employee portal. The Midtown Concierge team then goes to work to make appointments, order items, facilitate delivery, or gather information for the employee about a product or service.

The program is free to employees — they pay only for the items or services requested. The concierge team can provide assistance with ordering concert tickets, event planning, and arranging dry cleaning services, among other services.

“A busy nurse can have his or her car detailed, the oil changed, and the tires rotated, and they don’t have to miss a minute of work,” Foley says. “So when they do get a day off, they can spend their time recharging their batteries. Which is good for patient care, because (employees) are less distracted at the bedside.”

The idea for Midtown Concierge was backed by Sue Mosey, president of Midtown Detroit, as a way to allow those who work in the city to explore the new, burgeoning businesses in Midtown.

“Whether you’re living in Detroit or elsewhere, this new service makes it possible to play a role in the success of Midtown businesses, especially those who have little time during the workday to frequent the restaurants, shops, and businesses in Midtown,” Mosey says.

In time, Foley says Balance Concierge plans to expand and offer similar services to other businesses in Detroit, including those outside of the health care space. “We are looking at helping those larger businesses, where employees are being asked to work longer hours and different shifts, which really does impact their personal lives,” she says.