Michigan Women’s Foundation Acquires Michigan Women’s Historical Center, Hall of Fame


The Michigan Women’s Foundation (MWF), a non-profit organization working to achieve social and economic equality, today announced plans to merge the Michigan Women’s Historical Center and Hall of Fame (MWHC&HoF) into its operations. The MWHC&HoF is also a not-for-profit corporation committed to promoting equality by honoring the history and celebrating the accomplishments of Michigan women.

Following votes by membership and required approval from state leadership in Lansing, the two like-minded organizations will become one. Over the next six months, under the leadership of Caroyln Cassin, MFW president and CEO, the newly merged organization will make a variety of joint-committee decisions on branding, programs, services, board composition, and more.

“The Michigan Women’s Historical Center and Hall of Fame has done immeasurable work in preserving, teaching and honoring the history of pioneering and powerful women in Michigan,” says Cassin.  “Combined with MWF’s resources for empowering Michigan women of today and tomorrow, together we will offer a complete spectrum of women’s impact on and contributions to Michigan’s landscape … past, present, and future.”

With offices in Detroit and Grand Rapids, the acquisition of the MWHC&HoF will also provide MWF with a physical presence in the Lansing area, further serving its efforts for a broader statewide footprint. The MWHC&HoF is currently housed at Meridian Mall in Okemos and is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays from 2-6 p.m.

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