Michigan State University Adds Biomedical Engineering Department


The Michigan State University College of Engineering will add biomedical engineering to its academic offering next year in hopes of prompting collaborative health care related-research with other college programs.

The new department, which will begin offering classes in spring 2016, will become a focal point for technological innovations in health care technology identified by physicians, nurses, and health scientists in hospital, clinic, and home settings, says Provost June Pierce Youatt.

“This department will be uniquely positioned to bring technological innovations to the vast state-wide network of health care providers served by the university,” Pierce Youatt says.

The new department will work in concert with a number of MSU colleges, including: human medicine, osteopathic medicine, nursing, natural science, and communications arts and sciences. The program will start with graduate degree and doctoral students. An undergraduate program could follow once the department and the faculty are firmly established, says Leo Kempel, dean of the College of Engineering.

The biomedical engineering department is the first new academic department in the MSU College of Engineering since 1969.The college currently serves nearly 4,900 undergraduates and more than 800 graduate students.