Michigan State Conference Targets Food Product Creators


Michigan State University will hold a conference and trade show next month to support food entrepreneurs looking to learn more about the components needed for safe product development.

“In supporting this year’s theme of ‘Ingredients for Success’ we will be presenting the most comprehensive series of educational sessions covering the components and processes that companies need for safe, sound, and smart product development,” says Matt Birbeck, senior project director of food processing at Michigan State’s product center.

Birbeck says the one-day event, held at the Lansing Center, will feature panels with food technologists and engineers discussing the “do’s and don’ts” of product development and production. Educational sessions include topics such as processing for stable-shelf products, understanding risk reduction, preparing for an unannounced food inspection visit, understanding legal basics for starting a food business, and learning how to grow sales.

He says the trade show offers buyers, distributors, and brokers the opportunity to find new Michigan products. The morning session is specifically for buyers, storeowners, restaurants, and chefs, while the afternoon offers an open event for the general public to discover new Michigan products.

Registration for the Nov. 10 conference costs about $80 and includes access to the educational sessions and the marketplace trade show.