Michigan Software Provider Releases New Tracking Technology for Packaging Companies


Workpack Solutions, an enterprise resource planning software provider and consulting group located in Marne, just northwest of Grand Rapids, has released a new tracking technology for manufacturers in the printed packaging and food production industries.

The company’s Work In Progress Tracker, which can be accessed via a smartphone, allows manufacturers to access more data points of their production operations, and bring them together in one digital space.

The tracker provides increased visibility of production activities such as the number of sheets or pieces a machine is running, operator time, run waste, and other relative data; overall equipment analytics; reporting; and performance and product details.

“Companies now have a technology solution that can provide information about their production process,” says Douglas Scranton, senior software engineer at Workpack Solutions. “Manufactures have never been able to track and collect this much important data before, and all in one place and see it mobile. This makes the operation run much smoother.”

He says the hardware and software were developed to improve traceability within production facilities.

The Work In Progress Tracker ties into Workpack Solutions’ product line of enterprise resource planning products. ERP products offered by Workpack include Carton ERP, Carton Works, Carton Connect, Food Pack ERP, and now, WIP Tracker.