Michigan, Ohio Awarded $700,000 to Grow Clean Energy Opportunities


Manufacturers of energy-efficiency products in Michigan and Ohio are eligible to receive assistance in developing technology, designing prototypes, improving manufacturing processes, and assessing opportunities, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. announced Monday.

The assistance is available through the Michigan-Northeastern Ohio Regional Clean Energy Roadmap Project — a collaboration between the Michigan and Ohio energy offices — which received $702,500 in federal and state funding to foster growth in the states’ clean-energy sector.

“Making things and making them work better is what we do in Michigan,” said Gov. Rick Snyder. “These funds and this partnership will open doors to new opportunities for manufacturers of energy-efficiency products, and create new jobs in an industry sector that holds great growth potential.”

As part of the funding, the Clean Energy Roadmap Project will develop technology roadmaps, analyze value chains, create asset maps, and convene stakeholders, companies, and others to identify opportunities and barriers to growing clean-energy manufacturing in Michigan and Ohio.

“The key is to understand the capacity of the current energy-efficiency manufacturing sector, and to determine what is needed to compete and succeed in the advanced energy market,” says Steve Bakkal, director of the Michigan Energy Office, which is managed under the MEDC. “Ideally, we’re creating opportunities for Michigan energy-efficiency manufacturers to grow their business, but this also helps to attract new businesses.”

The project provides energy-efficiency manufacturers with expert analysis so improvements can be readily made and specific recommendations can be heeded to enhance competitiveness, Bakkal says.

NextEnergy of Detroit and NorTech of Ohio will conduct independent and comprehensive assessments of the strengths and assets of energy efficiency based companies in Michigan and northeastern Ohio.

In October, the American Council for Energy Efficiency Economy ranked Michigan as the 12th most effective state in terms of energy efficiency policies.