Michigan Nonprofits Drive $80B in Combined Annual Spending


Michigan’s nonprofits employ more than 10 percent of the state’s workforce and pay some $5 billion every three months in wages to their employees, says a report released today by Public Sector Consultants, a Lansing-based public policy research firm.

“Each day, nonprofits provide critical services and support in health care, education, social services, cultural enhancements, and community building,” says Rob Collier, president and CEO of the Council of Michigan Foundations, one of the study’s sponsors. “And, as PSC shows, in doing this work these organizations employ tens of thousands of your friends and neighbors and greatly boost our state’s economy and quality of life.”

There are more than 42,000 nonprofits in Michigan, which spend more than $80 billion in the state each year, the report says. Likewise, public charities, a subset of the nonprofit sector, spent $44 billion on charitable endeavors in Michigan in 2011.

“In strict economic terms, (nonprofits) invest billions, pay billions, and employ thousands, but their service roles are far more varied and important,” says Jeff Williams, CEO of PSC.

To read the full report, which also found that health care services account for approximately half the nonprofit sector’s jobs and two-thirds of its wages, click here.

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