Michigan Manufacturer Develops More Efficient Measuring Device for Contractors


Muskegon-based tool manufacturer Dirtworks Products today unveiled a new 3-D measuring device that they say is more efficient and will save contractors manpower when determining the level and slope on construction sites.

“(The device) allows operators to check level and slope from the seat of their cab,” says Don Cooper, spokesman for Dirtworks. “Previously, operators had to rely on GPS or lasers. Operators also had to spend extra time getting in and out of their machines, or rely on additional manpower to ensure an accurate measurement.

Cooper says the tool, called JohnnyBall, can be taken from one job site to the next, or from machine to machine and can handle extreme conditions, and does not rely on electricity.

“The tool can realistically pay for itself within weeks,” he says.

The tool made and assembled in the U.S., is available through Grand Rapids-based Lasco Laser. Additional product information is available at Johnnyball.com.