Michigan-made Sunglasses Debut with Compact Folding Technology


A new brand of sunglasses called Charlie V., set to debut next week, are engineered with a state-of-the art pivot hinge that allows for compact folding.

“I saw a need for a luxury brand with supreme wearability,” says Gerard Alcini, principal of Charlie V., and the inventor of the sunglasses. “Our unique hinge makes these sunglasses unlike any others on the market.”

Alcini says the slim sunglasses can slide easily into a pocket or a bag without breaking. He says the polycarbonate frames are tooled, produced, and assembled in Livonia. The lenses are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate, meeting U.S. and European standards for full UV protection. The lenses are also polarized.

Alcini says the frames come in black and white, while the lenses come in a variety of colors. Consumers can purchase the sunglasses on Nov. 5 via a Kickstarter campaign. Alcini and his team plan to use funds raised from the campaign for R&D, manufacturing, and promotion. He adds the sunglasses will eventually be sold online and through specialty retailers.

The sunglasses are expected to retail for nearly $170.