Michigan DNR to Offer Branded Merchandising Partnerships for State Parks


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is seeking partners to help support state parks, trails, and waterways through a revenue-sharing agreement from the sale of branded and co-promoted merchandise.

The new program could include merchandise such as clothing, home and automotive goods, furniture, and outdoor gear.

“These partnerships will allow visitors the opportunity to purchase keepsakes, while also supporting Michigan state parks, trails, and waterways,” says Ron Olson, DNR parks and recreation chief. “We are looking forward to creating a new funding model that not only allows visitors to bring home memorabilia from their trips, but also creates a new funding source for Michigan outdoor recreation.”

Under the bid proposal, selected partners will have the option to create location-specific merchandise as well as chose the kinds of projects they would like their products to support.

Proceeds from the program will help fund a variety of needs that will benefit the state’s park and recreation system, such as the addition of tree-planting efforts, way finding signage on trails, playground improvements, and more.

Olson says the expectation of the DNR is that bid applicants have existing statewide sales and distribution methods with a history of sales success in the merchandise category proposed.

Companies and organizations interested in merchandising partnerships with the DNR can schedule an appointment to meet with department representatives in Traverse City on July 18 and 19.

To schedule an appointment, contact Maia Turek at 989-225-8573 or turekm@michigan.gov.