Michigan Department of Agriculture Launches Digital Portal for Export Opportunity Analysis


The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s (MDARD) International Marketing Program has partnered with Euromonitor International to create MIAgExport.com, a website that provides Michigan’s exporting agriculture companies with updated export opportunity analysis reports and a new interactive market tracker.

The new portal allows companies to identify key and emerging export markets, key trends in trade, historical, and forecasted consumption data, and consumer trends around the world.

“(The website) provides companies with the necessary tools to grow Michigan’s agricultural exports, which supports jobs on and off the farm and strengthens our state’s overall economy,” says Jamie Clover Adams, director of MDARD. “Export intel like this makes it easier for Michigan growers and processors to reach 95 percent of the world’s consumers who reside outside of the United States.”

Agriculture is the second largest industry in Michigan. Export information is available on the site by industry and includes dairy products, apples, dry beans, blueberries, honey, tart cherries, wine, potatoes, pickled products, popcorn, onions, sweet and savory foods, energy/breakfast bars, and alcoholic beverages.

The site is free to use for Michigan food and agriculture companies.

The International Marketing Program is housed within MDARD’s Agriculture Development Division and helps Michigan food and agriculture businesses develop trade opportunities by entering new markets or expanding existing markets. Euromonitor International is an independent provider of strategic market research.

For more information on exporting food and agriculture products, contact the International Marketing Program at (517) 284-5738 or zmitkoi@michigan.gov.

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